Minecraft Birthday

Birthday invitations and TNT wraps for chocolate bar party favors. These were created as a favor to my boss for his son’s birthday.

Obviously, I don’t own the rights to Minecraft, so these were created solely for personal use at no charge.

The contact information on the invitation was changed before posting graphics to the blog.


Chicken Salad Sandwich Sale, hosted by Batman!

There will aBatman1lso be live music by supergroup Batman, featuring Danny Glover, Stan the Eskimo Kid, and your Great-Aunt Vandelay, the evil geniuses behind classic hits such as “Donkey Teeth,” “Getting Sweaty With My People,” and the chart-topping power ballad, “Hold the Lettuce, Give Me That Pickle.”

Please note that sandwiches will only be available during songs, and please don’t bother the group while they are on break.

one night only!