Wedding Logo Invitations

Background, logo, fonts, colors, and text are all customizable!

Obviously, personal information and a few key design aspects were changed before posting the invitations to the blog.

Hand Drawn Save the Dates

I started with the first two designs using the Bombshell font, and it was just too plain.

I played around with a few doodles in my sketchbook until we decided on the design in the third picture.

After scanning it in, I retraced it in Sketchbook Pro.

I then went through a few stages of editing and resizing the text to get the final product, and I am very happy with how it turned out!

Minecraft Birthday

Birthday invitations and TNT wraps for chocolate bar party favors. These were created as a favor to my boss for his son’s birthday.

Obviously, I don’t own the rights to Minecraft, so these were created solely for personal use at no charge.

The contact information on the invitation was changed before posting graphics to the blog.

Frozen Party Invitations

“The hot and the cold are both so intense/put ’em together it just makes sense!”

(I really, really wanted to fit that on the invitation somewhere…)

So, I made these sweet invitations for my homegirl, Paisley. They’re an amalgamation of a bit of Frozen poster art, my photoshop skillz, and some awesome invitation ideas we found on the web.

Sadly, Disney just has NOT upped their invitation game yet, and their licensed Frozen invites are either nonexistent, sold out, or severely lacking in the design department. And Miss Priss is way too good for such nonsense!

Obviously, I don’t own the rights to Frozen, so these were created solely for personal use at no charge :).

All contact information was changed before posting the invitation to the blog.